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WISTA Sweden is hosting the WISTA International Conference for the third time, and we are building up to present you with the best Conference ever. We are eager to show you our beautiful capital Stockholm, the city on water. H E Efthimios Mitropoulos, IMO Secretary-General, will deliver the keynote speech, this time on "Global development: New world map placing new demands on leadership", followed by a panel discussion "Managing the shift: a challenge for shipping". But YOU are our guest of honour and your contribution will be essential in workshops on topics such as: "Successful recruitment in shipping", "Managing multicultural teams" and "Women on the board".

why join

WISTA, Women's International Shipping and Trading Association, is a global network for female shipping executives. WISTA, now present in 29 countries and with more than 1,300 members, strives to develop the professional competency of its members and supports the creation of both national and international contacts between members. WISTA Sweden is one of the oldest and largest national WISTA associations. WISTA Sweden is highly appreciated in the Swedish shipping cluster and has been greeted with great enthusiasm when presenting the honorary task of bringing together the influential shipping women of the world to the Conference in Stockholm.

why join

The last time WISTA Sweden hosted the international conference, it was held in Gothenburg (2000). Swedes are famous for fairness, equity and impartiality, so this time we alternate with Stockholm. This is after all where it all started some 24 years ago; WISTA Sweden was founded in Stockholm in 1987. Take this chance to convene and dine in historic buildings set in the lush surroundings of beautiful late summer Stockholm. Experience the archipelago and the beautiful Old Town, see the House of Nobility, the Nobel Museum and the sensational 17th century warship Vasa at the Vasa Museum - the WISTA Conference Gala dinner will be held right in the middle of it!


Efthimios Mitropoulos

Keynote speaker H E Efthimios Mitropoulos is the seventh Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization.


Carl Johan Hagman

Carl Johan Hagman is the CEO of Hoegh Autoliners. His career at Wallenius, WWL and Eukor has given him a unique understanding of different business cultures.


Carla Limcaoco

Carla Limcaoco is Director of Philippine Transmarine Carriers and Swedish Crewing Manage-
ment and Honorary Consul General of Sweden to the Philippines.


Laxmi Chaudhry

Laxmi Chaudhry is a seasoned Human Resources and Cross Cultural Training professional, with three decades of experience in her field.


The content of this programme is subject to change. Changes will be announced in newsletters and on the WISTA International Conference and AGM 2011 Facebook page. Upon arrival in Stockholm all conference participants will get the final printed version of the programme.

Wednesday, 14 September
Welcome to
the conference
Gala Dinner
End of Conference
Dinner and farewell-party
08:30 Round-table discussion
For ExCo and NWA Presidents only.
Venue: Scandic Hasselbacken
12:30 Buffet Lunch
For all conference participants.
Venue: Scandic Hasselbacken
14:00 Extraordinary General Meeting and Annual General Meeting
Open for all WISTA members. Presentations of WISTA Personality of the Year Award nominees.
Venue: Scandic Hasselbacken
19:00 Welcome reception
Venue: House of Nobility
Thursday, 15 September
09:00 Opening ceremony
Welcome Speech by WISTA Sweden President Maria Nygren; Opening speech by President elect WISTA International including announcement of the WISTA Personality of the Year Award winner.
Venue: Scandic Hasselbacken
09:30 Keynote address: Global development
New world map placing new demands on leadership by H E Efthimios Mitropoulos, Secretary General IMO.
Venue: Scandic Hasselbacken
10:15 Panel: Managing the shift
A challenge for shipping with Senior HR Professional Laxmi Chaudhry, Carl-Johan Hagman, CEO Hoegh Autoliners and Carla Limcaoco, Owner and CEO at PTC and Consul General. Moderator: Maria Nygren, WISTA Sweden.
Venue: Scandic Hasselbacken
11:30 Panel: Port, city and shipping together
Demands on leadership for sustainable development with Gun Rudeberg, Head of Enviromental Affairs Port of Stockholm, Resianne Dekker, Manager Environment Havenbedrijf Rotterdam and Anne Sigrid Hamran, Port Director Port of Oslo. Moderator: Anna Risfelt Hammargren, WISTA Sweden.
Venue: Scandic Hasselbacken
12:30 Buffet Lunch
For all conference participants.
Venue: Scandic Hasselbacken
14:00 Workshop: Successful recruitment in shipping
With Teresa Peacock, Business Development Director at Spinnaker Consulting Ltd, and Toivo Norell, Managing Director, Star Cruises AB. Moderator: Anna Frost, WISTA Sweden.
Venue: Scandic Hasselbacken
14:00 Workshop: Managing multicultural teams
With HR Professional Laxmi Chaudhry, with Carla Limcaoco, Owner and CEO at PTC and Consul General. Co-ordinator: Ingela Tengelin, WISTA Sweden.
Venue: Scandic Hasselbacken
14:00 Workshop: Human factors and system safety
With Robyn Pyne, Lecturer in Maritime Business at The University of Plymouth. Co-ordinator: Carina Olofsson, WISTA Sweden.
Venue: Scandic Hasselbacken
14:00 Workshop: Women on the board
With Elisabet Litsmark Nordenstam, CEO at Partnerskap för Framgång (Partnership for Success), Lena Dyfverman, CEO at Proxio and Ann-Christine Hvittfeldt, Consultant and member of several boards. Moderator: Yvonne Pokropek, WISTA Sweden.
Venue: Scandic Hasselbacken
14:00 Workshop: New fuels and new ship design
Solutions for cleaner shipping. With Jill Söderwall, Port of Gothenburg, Magnus Witting, Project Manager, Göteborg Energy, Karin Andersson, Professor at Chalmers, Susanna Airola, Environmental Co-ordinator, Viking Line, and Rahim Abdul, Regional Manager for Europe and Africa, ClassNK. Co-ordinator: Berit Blomqvist, WISTA Sweden. Moderator: Jill Söderwall, Port of Gothenburg.
Venue: Scandic Hasselbacken
16:00 Reports and conclusions from workshops
Venue: Scandic Hasselbacken
19:00 Gala Dinner
Together with sponsors, speakers and honorary guests
Venue: The Vasa Museum
Friday, 16 September
09:00 Keynote and panel
Shipping, entrepreneurs and sustainable growth with Managing Director Robert Uggla at Broström and Group President Lars Säfverström at GAC. Moderator: Berit Blomqvist, WISTA Sweden
Venue: Scandic Hasselbacken
10:45 Analysis and panel
Where is shipping in ten years? A qualified prediction lead by Secretary-General Lena Göthberg at the Institute of Shipping Analysis, with Jakub Walenkiewicz, Head of Market Intelligence at DNV, and Mervi Karttunen, Leadership Trainer, Business Consultant and Professional Board Member.
Venue: Scandic Hasselbacken
12:30 Conference closes
Venue: Scandic Hasselbacken
13:00 Tour: Stockholm and its port from the seaside, lunch included.
Departure from: Scandic Hasselbacken
13:00 Tour: Visit to the Maritime Museum and the Shipping & Shopping exhibition
about the importance of shipping and trading, lunch included.
Departure from: Scandic Hasselbacken
13:00 Tour: Millennium walk
Following the footsteps of "The girl with the dragon tattoo", lunch included.
Departure from: Scandic Hasselbacken
13:00 Tour: Visit to the Nobel Museum
A guided tour in the Stockholm Old Town, lunch included.
Departure from: Scandic Hasselbacken
19:00 Dinner and farewell-party
Venue: Wallmans Salonger
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Stockholm, one of the most spectacular capitals in the world, is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. The beautiful buildings, the greenery, the fresh air and the proximity to the water are distinctive traits of this city. The Royal National City Park, (the first National City Park in the world), is a green space that breathes for the city, and a constant presence in the crush of the city.

With its 750-year history and rich cultural life, Stockholm offers a wide selection of world-class museums and attractions. Most of the city's attractions can be reached on foot, and there's a good chance of experiencing a lot of things in a short time.Experience big-city life, the history of civilization and natural scenery, all in the course of the same day. Visit Stockholm City Hall. Climb the City Hall tower for a fantastic view of Stockholm. Don't miss Gamla Stan, Stockholm's oldest attraction and one of the best preserved medieval city centres in the world. Walk through small winding streets lined with stores full of handicrafts, antiques, art galleries and cafes. The Royal Palace and Stockholm Cathedral are also located in Gamla Stan (Old Town). The green island of Djurgården is home to some of the city's most popular attractions. Visit the world-famous warship Vasa, the world's oldest open-air museum Skansen, or Astrid Lindgren's Junibacken. And don't miss the chance to see Stockholm from the water. Naturally a city built on fourteen islands offers marvellous views over the water. There are many different sightseeing tours to choose from. And if fourteen islands aren't enough, Stockholm offers a wonderful archipelago with 30,000 islands, islet rocks and skerries. Welcome to Stockholm - the Capital of Scandinavia! Source:
The last time WISTA Sweden hosted the international conference, it was held in Gothenburg (2000). Swedes are famous for fairness, equity and impartiality, so this time we alternate with Stockholm. This is after all where it all started some 24 years ago; WISTA Sweden was founded in Stockholm in 1987.

Hasselbacken was once the favourite spot for Sweden’s most beloved national skald Carl Michael Bellman. This year it’s the main venue for the WISTA Conference. Participants will also get the exclusive chance to see the House of Nobility from the inside, explore the famous 17th century warship Vasa and get thoroughly entertained at glamorous Wallmans.

Hasselbacken (the Hazel Hill)

The main conference activities of the WISTA International Conference are held at Hasselbacken, a famous restaurant with fine old traditions, to which a hotel and conference centre has been attached in recent times. Hasselbacken is situated on a hill, Hazeliusbacken, on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm. The establishment became renowned in the middle of the 18th century. By then it was only a red hut, named after the thickets of hazel that grew around it. A large main building was built on the hut's spot and opened to the public in 1853. Hasselbacken soon became widely known for its grandiose parties for the upper class. Until the turn of the previous century there was a large, old oak tree on the premises under which the national skald Carl Michael Bellman is said to have composed some of his famous work. A zinc statue of the skald at Hasselbacken was erected in 1872. In 1992, Hasselbacken was taken over by Scandic that now runs the hotel, conference and restaurant establishment.

Riddarhuset (the House of Nobility)

The welcome reception of the conference is held at the House of Nobility, erected during the period 1641-1672. The two wings were built in 1870. The great hall of the House of Nobility was used by the aristocracy for meetings of Parliament during the Diet of the Four Estates (1668-1865). Today the Nobility gathers here for the Assembly of Nobles every third year, where each family introduced in the House of Nobility can be represented by one delegate. The Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Literature celebrate their anniversaries here. The great hall is also used as a meeting place for the Swedish noble families as well as for chamber concerts. On the walls of the hall hang the coat of arms of noble families who have been introduced at the House of Nobility. Altogether 2,330 families are represented. Of these, about 700 are still alive in Sweden and abroad. The coat of arms of the Counts can be found on the west wall on either side of the bust of King Gustavus II Adolphus, those of the Barons on the sides of the same wall and those of the Gentry on the remaining three walls.

The Vasa Museum

The WISTA conference Gala Dinner is held at the Vasa Museum, home of the salvaged 17th century warship Vasa. Vasa was built from 1626 to 1628 and foundered after sailing less than a nautical mile on her maiden voyage on 10 August 1628. Vasa fell into obscurity after most of her valuable bronze cannons were salvaged in the 17th century. She was located again in the late 1950s, in a busy shipping lane just outside the Stockholm harbour. She was salvaged with a largely intact hull on 24 April 1961. The ship is one of Sweden's most popular tourist attractions. During the 1961 recovery, thousands of artefacts and the remains of at least 15 people were found in and around the hull of the Vasa by marine archaeologists. Among the many items found were clothing, weapons, cannons, tools, coins, cutlery, food, drink and six of the ten sails. No expense was spared in decorating and equipping the Vasa, one of the largest and most heavily armed warships of her time, adorned with hundreds of sculptures, all of them painted in vivid colours. She was intended to express the expansionist aspirations of Sweden and the glory of king Gustavus Adolphus.

Wallmans Salonger

On Friday night, it will be time for all WISTA Conference participants to let the hair down and party all night long at Wallmans. Wallmans is famous for its entertainment concept where the serving staff are also the on-stage entertainment. Wallmans Salonger Stockholm is one of the locations of Wallmans Nöjen, one of Sweden's leading showbiz establishments, founded in 1956. Wallmans Salonger in Stockholm is celebrating 20 years this year and have a special programme prepared. On their web site they say they wish to celebrate by not looking back but rather pay a tribute to the unique concept - created by founder Hasse Wallman - which has been Wallmans' backbone for 20 years. An evening at Wallmans consists of everything from fantastic food with excellent service to unexpected humour, impressive song and dance in a cosy atmosphere. You will meet artists both on stage as well as by your table when they, perform your favourite music. Everything from country, pop and rockabilly to Pink and Elton John will fill the musical menu.


WISTA Sweden has made reservations at three hotels in the vicinity of the main conference venue Scandic Hasselbacken. Please note instructions for booking your stay and check current exchange rates to get the exact price in Euro. Conference participants are of course free to arrange accommodation at any place of their choice.


Drottning Victorias Örlogshem

Örlogshemmet is situated right beside Wallmans Salonger, where the WISTA Conference farewell party on Friday night will take place. It was founded in 1908 by Queen Victoria with the purpose to give young sailors of the Royal Swedish Navy the opportunity to stay on land when visiting Stockholm. And at a very friendly price too.


Single, double or three-bed rooms and
stumbling distance to WISTA party spot Wallmans!


80-135€/night & person


Get Google Maps directions



Scandic Hasselbacken

If you choose Hasselbacken, you will sleep right beside the conference facilities. Enjoy the rural Stockholm location of Djurgården park at the historic hotel. Relax in the sauna, the elegant restaurant with waterfront view or the lobby bar. There is wireless Internet access throughout. Visit attractions on your doorstep or ten minutes away in central Stockholm.


Relax area, wireless Internet access, spectacular surroundings, no distance to conference


220-235€/night & person


Get Google Maps directions



Hotel Skeppsholmen

Stockholm's new urban oasis: In the very heart of the city centre, in a building from 1699 with modern decoration by Stockholm based architects Claesson Koivisto Rune, a new lifestyle hotel has been opened. Situated on the waterfront and surrounded by beautiful nature and captivating culture, Hotel Skeppsholmen is a place to recharge your batteries, at a quiet, yet central location.


Waterfront views, eco-labeled hotel, exclusively decorated historiuc building


245-360€/night & person


Get Google Maps directions


Important notice: Once you press "submit", the contents will be sent to WISTA Sweden's conference registration administrator. You will then get a confirmation to your indicated e-mail address that your registration has been received, in which there will also be information on how to book hotel and an invoice with payment details. The registration is complete once payment of the conference fee is made. The last date to register is 16 August. Please observe that the number of participants is limited to 220 guests.


Early Bird conference fee until 1 July: € 575

Conference fee after 1 July: € 625

WISTA non-members fee (early bird not applicable): € 690

Full refund possible until 16 August. The conference fee includes excursions and evening
activities in the programme for one person. If you bring a partner, please specify partner attendance at the end of this form.

 Yes    No
 Buffet Lunch on Wednesday
 AGM on Wednesday
 Welcome reception on Wednesday
 Opening Ceremony at Hasselbacken on Thursday
 Gala Dinner at the Vasa Museum on Thursday
 Farewell-party at Wallmans Salonger on Friday
 Successful recruitment in shipping
 Managing Multicultural Teams
 Human factors and system safety
 Women on the board
New fuels and new ship design
 Stockholm and its port from the seaside
 Visit to the Shipping & Shopping exhibition
 Millennium walk with "The girl with the dragon tattoo"
 Visit the Nobel Museum and the Old Town
 None of the above.
plopp1 plopp2  I am a vegetarian  I am a vegan
 Yes    No

Registration of partner attendance

The total cost price for partner attendance at the events will be put on a separate invoice, which the WISTA administrator will send to you when you have submitted the contents of this form.

 Welcome reception at the House of Nobility on Wednesday, 50 €
 Gala Dinner at the Vasa Museum on Thursday, 210 €
 Party at Wallmans Salonger on Friday, 150 €
 Stockholm and its port from the seaside, 40 €
 Visit to the Maritime Museum and the Shipping & Shopping exhibition, 40 €
 Millennium walk: Following the footsteps of "The girl with the dragon tattoo", 40 €
 Visit to the Nobel Museum and a guided tour in the Stockholm Old Town, 40 €
 My partner is vegetarian
 My partner is vegan

Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, known as ClassNK or NK, is a ship classification society. The Society is actively engaged in a growing range of ship related activities and services aimed at contributing to promoting the protection of human life and property at sea as well as protection of the marine environment.

National Maritime Museum
National Maritime Museums is a museum authority with responsibility for the museums in Swedish state care that have a maritime profile; the Maritime Museum, the Vasa Museum and the Naval Museum. Our mission is to preserve and develop the maritime cultural heritage and to increase people's knowledge about it.

Since the start in 1939 Stena has developed into an international group of companies with business activities all over the world. Activities today are spread over several areas: ferry routes, shipping, offshore drilling, property, finance plus recycling, environmental services and trade.

DB Schenker
Global competence in logistics - on land, on sea or in the air. DB Schenker combines all transport and logistic activities of Deutsche Bahn employing over 91,000 staff spread across about 2,000 locations in about 130 countries. With a turnover of over 15 billion Euros, we are a leading company - both in Europe and worldwide.

Ports of Stockholm
Part of our mandate is to promote shipping and secure the supply of goods to the region. Ports of Stockholm offers quayside berths, facilities, assistance and services for ferry, cruise and freight traffic. We are also responsible for the inner city quays and the provision of support services for archipelago and local waterborne traffic.

Concordia Maritime
Concordia Maritime is an international tanker shipping company that develops, builds, mans and charters vessels to customers with exacting demands on transport economy, flexibility and safety. The company’s focus is on the transportation of refined petroleum products such as petrol, diesel fuel and aviation fuel.

Holland & Knight
Holland & Knight is an international law firm with more than 1,000 lawyers in 18 US offices, as well as Abu Dhabi, Beijing and Mexico City. Our commitment to exceptional client service and the resources available to support your business needs translates into a legal team that understands all aspects of global transportation and trade.

Management Facilities Group
Management Facilities Group, founded in 1994, is an international shipping company, currently managing 50 ships: 39 multipurpose ships and 11 product/chemicals tankers. Our 50 employees ashore and 1,000 at sea work for a number of Scandinavian shipping companies and captain/ship-owners. We serve our customers 24/7.

Shipgaz is a modern shipping magazine that includes reports covering current events, market analysis, expert opinions on safety, technology and management as well as reports on newly delivered vessels, in-depth features, retro articles describing the shipping world as it once was and much more.

Assuranceforeningen Skuld is a leading marine insurer providing Protection and Indemnity (P&I) and Defence cover to shipowners and charterers. The purpose of the association is mutual insurance against liabilities and losses incurred by members in direct connection with the operation of the entered vessels.